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Anonymous: 4chan – Where Anonymous come to play

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Ironically, the general public didn’t become aware of the loosely structured group of hackers and geeks who go by the name Anonymous until they started attacking the sites of companies like MasterCard and Amazon. The group has existed for a … Continue reading

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One, two and morals become relative quantum

Photo by: dtrchock A wise man once cut right through all philosophical meanderings by stating that once a man knew what was right and what was wrong, he’d always try for the good. Well, Socrates is hard to argue with, … Continue reading

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Gays hits ‘faggot’ with political correctness

Photo by: robbed Here’s a little story about how protesting as a standard reaction can get in the way of achieving your objective. But first, here’s a little music quiz: What song is the following lyrics from? Now look at … Continue reading

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Repeatedly slamming Anakin into the Death Star

Photo by: betsyweber George Lucas once summed up the attraction of Star Wars like this: ‘Star Wars’ is fun, its exciting, its inspirational, and people respond to that. It’s what they want.’ WELL….I guess that has some truth to it….BUT … Continue reading

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Get ready for the Indian Terminator

Photo by: gaudiramone Someone in Bollywood is launching a serious attempt at undermining Schwarzenegger’s authority as the one and only Terminator. In what I’m guessing is a recently released movie, they introduce the leather clad Indian version 2.0. A quick … Continue reading

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Music in my ears: 16 Horsepower

Photo by: Anders Jensen-Urstad My interest in these guys started with a ‘what the hell?’, which turned in a ‘that’s just stupid!’ before finally settling on a ‘wow!’. It all started, when a friend told me the story of the … Continue reading

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So you want to be a librarian?

Photo by: Enokson So, you’re looking for a career where your desire to be a know-it-all is a plus, where your shushing people becomes a martial art, where you get to read all day and even wear your hair in … Continue reading

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