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Music in my ears: Best use of German for please ever

Photo by: cyanocorax Some songs become synonymous with a single word. Often it will the song’s title and hook – John Lee Hooker’s ‘Boom Boom’ is a prime example. James Brown’s ‘Get Up’ is another classic in a similar vein. … Continue reading

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Something smells of Empire

Photo by: doug88888 The smell and taste of empire is still there – like something lingering, distant. A fragrance with hints of tea from Ceylon, the coal burning in Rhodesia’s trains, gleaming oil and salt from the Suez. It’s still … Continue reading

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Music in my ears: Hip hop’s biggest hat

Photo by: cote He’s rapping in a language you don’t understand. He’s white trash in South Africa. He’s got the biggest cap I have ever seen. His real name is Zander Tyler, but he goes by the stage name Jack … Continue reading

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Phew it’s hot!

Photo by: Aka Hige Nothing long, smart or special about this. Sometimes I just want the weather to be a bit more……schorcio

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Magic with cups of tea

Picture a map of the world. Now, if you could place an object on each country that should symbolise it, what would you put on England? I might not be psychic, but I am getting a strong feeling that you … Continue reading

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Just what in the hell is going on?

Photo by: davidrossharris It hangs on the walls at Google, Apple and a host of other companies among the top echelon of the web’s heavyweights. It’s one of the best data visualisations I’ve come across the last couple of months. … Continue reading

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Rap battles of history (sort of)

Photo by: Richard’Tenspeed’Heaven Got to looove the internet. It rekindles belief in human kinds chances of surviving as a species…weeeeelllll, maybe that’s stretching a point waaayyy too far. It does, however, present us with a unique chance to see how … Continue reading

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