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What the Brits learnt from the Danes

Photo by: marklarson Judging mostly on the news stream from Denmark and England, the Brits seem to be suffering more under the ongoing credit crunch than their Scandinavian neighbours. Not that things don’t sound bad in Denmark, but the English … Continue reading

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How to deal with bad news

Photo by: Andrei! Not a great fan of the Daily Mail (who once ripped a quote from me without asking), or the Daily Express for that matter. So when I heard about the add-on Tom Royal had created for Firefox … Continue reading

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Bigbury and Burgh Island

Not far from Plymouth, you find Bigbury-On-Sea and Burgh Island. On it, you find quaint old houses and an Art Noveau styled hotel, famous for playing host to Agatha Christie, who wrote some of her novels there. You get to … Continue reading

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Road planning on LSD

Swindon is not exactly the greatest tourist attraction in the UK. Actually, one of its main qualities is its location midway between Bristol and Reading. Another is having a railway – making it easy to get out of. The people … Continue reading

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The foot steps of King Arthur

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Legend has it that King Arthur was born and raised in the castle of Tintagel on the North Coast of Devon, before the son of Uther Pendragon moved away and founded Camelot. I went there with my father, my cousin … Continue reading

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Tetris Amadeus

Photo by: checoo Recently, a friend of mine sent a link to Otomata. I have a thing about noise generators, and have seen a few, but I still think there is something a bit special about this one. The setup … Continue reading

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Music in my ears: T-Model Ford

Photo by: cavethegreat ‘I’m quite a young man to be playing the blues – I ain’t old no more” – T-Model Ford, aged around 88. The story of James Lewis Carter Ford starts somewhere in Mississippi, some time around 1920. … Continue reading

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