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Music in my ears: Nerdcore Rising!

Photo by: freakapotimus When Pharrel Williams and The Neptunes decided to create a rock-rap hybrid and name it No-one Ever Really Dies, they were apparently trying to create some cool around the word ‘NERD’. That, and some weird, metaphysical shit … Continue reading

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Excuse me, how do I get to Sludge Metal?

Photo by: Rae Allen And the answer is, Ladies and Gentlemen, to take a plane to the island of Grunge, drive out of town, heading left, and then across the bridge. But remember to take that left. Or you risk … Continue reading

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Cowboy Henk – He’s adult..and from Belgium!

Photo by: Bramus! In the world of comics at large – and I guess web comics in particular – there is a special grey zone. An area between the borders of ‘Child’ and ‘Adult’. In it you find comics that … Continue reading

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Music in my ears: Fink

Photo by: Vincent van der Pas Get over it. Go on, just get it over and done with straight way. Yes, the puns are too easy (Who do you Fink you are, no, his music is nothing like you fink … Continue reading

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Photos from above

Photo by: Peter Kaminski You might know the French photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, who specializes in aerial photographs of the Earth and the way humans have transformed it for better or for worse. Recently, I found some pictures by photographer … Continue reading

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Virtual cleaning just landed – yesterday

Photo by: Salim Virji A while back, I had an ongoing competition with a group of friends based on the incredibly dull output of games for the Sega machines. The point was to imagine the most bored concept you could … Continue reading

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What I learned in the news this week #5

So, another round of this happened, that happened, then this happened and it all happened because of this – otherwise know as the world of news. Well, one story has definitely made a splash in the sea of stories this … Continue reading

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