Virtual cleaning just landed – yesterday

Photo by: Salim Virji

A while back, I had an ongoing competition with a group of friends based on the incredibly dull output of games for the Sega machines.

The point was to imagine the most bored concept you could ever imagine a game being about, and favorites like Sega Queuing, Extreme Paint That Wall White and the realtime simulator Sega Virtual Kitchen, where boiling potatoes would take fifteen minutes of continuously pressing the fire button, were all firm favorites.

But as so often before, it turns out that reality is just as – if not more – weird than anything you can imagine. And has been for some time.

The name is Street Cleaning Simulator, released by the English Excalibur Publishing in 2010.

The concept is this: You run a small, independent cleaning company and start off with a machine that is about as much use as feather duster running on AA batteries. as you show your prowess in the dirty (sorry) world of cleaning the city streets (it couldn’t be cut-throat, as that would just mean more work for the competition, while you’re busy slashing), your machinery gets better and the mayor’s office starts throwing more muck your way.

So can you carry of the cleaning?

If you want to read a bit more about the game, then go to this rather entertaining review.

Now is cleaning the streets isn’t your cup of tea, Excalibur Publishing might still have just the thing for you.

You want to run your own virtual farm? Pro Farm 1 is the thing for you. Congestion tickles you the right way? Well then, step right this way for Traffic Manager.

Fork Lifts? Yep. Tow Trucks? Cranes? Driving Busses? Yes, yes and yes…Excalibiur does all of them, and they can be yours for as little as £20….sometimes reality is just so much weirder…

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