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It’s family planning – use lube!

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Yes, I guess you spotted the ‘it’s funny because it’s true’ in the picture above. It was sent to me by a very good friend. No, not that good. Now get your mind out of the gutter and then back … Continue reading

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Cujo The Killer Dog is a Cocker Spaniel in Ghana

Photo by: dockedship When Stephen King wrote Cujo in 1981, it was a story about a St. Bernard who gets rabies. The big dog then goes on a killing spree through the town of Castle Rock, Maine (fictional), gnawing his … Continue reading

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Yonder on Yonge Street…Rock N’ Roll

Photo by: nickiHiebert As Rock N’ Roll reared its ugly head and started corrupting the youths’, Yonge Street was the place to be. If you were from Toronto, that is. Through the tough beginnings, over its heyday and its eventual … Continue reading

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America – waging war on, like, whatever dude

Photo by: Japetonida America. Home of the brave. Home of the free. And all the best to them. As long as they would stay at home. But they won’t. Can’t. Not when it comes to a war. The sight of … Continue reading

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Gangster Rewind…rewind gangster

Photo by: jadytron I like palindromes. They’re the things where words or sentences are the same, if spelled backwards. They come in slightly ridiculous incarnations, such as ‘Was it Eliot’s toilet I saw’ to spiritual and philosophical meanderings like ‘Do … Continue reading

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No, science is not cool….

Photo by: 5199 So you want to get kids into science, right Bill? Right? Right? Hello? Ummm….. Erhmm…. Bill? No, I don’t think Bill Nye really wanted to make science cool. Fun? Probably, but not cool. Or maybe he was … Continue reading

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