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Bet you’ve heard it before: blondes

Photo by: Shandi-lee This might just turn out to be a little bit painful, as the quarterback said to the blonde cheerleader, before trying to to screw her in her navel. Turns out blonde boys are pretty stupid too. Heard … Continue reading

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Lego building…Lego

Photo by: mrsdkrebs Usually, you’d use Lego bricks to build stuff. Like maybe a plane, a car or, if you’re not that adventurous, a wall. But some very industrious people (probably bored engineers) have found ways to make Lego build…well, … Continue reading

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Ancient Greek Lego computer

Photo by: Tilemahos Efthimiadis Around 100 BC, Greek engineers created a device which, which – uncanny as it may seem – turned out to be a computer. However, that wasn’t clear to the people who discovered it. It was one … Continue reading

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Music in my ears: Zzzzzzzz…

Photo by: Enkhtuvshin’s 5DmkII A recent article on something as random as the Daily Mail’s homepage (don’t ever go there…unless you have the sheep ap installed, which makes it so much calmer) talks about how scientists have identified ‘the most … Continue reading

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Playing Star Wars on a floppy

Photo by: oxtopus So, you know the theme tunes to Star Wars, right? Big overture, full of violins and horns. That kind of tune. And remember Vader’s tune? The violins going Bam-bam BAM-BAM-BAM BAM-BAM-BAM. Well..not actually going bam…that would be … Continue reading

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2 +3 = sex

</a> Photo by: Josette Recently found a blog about the use of blackboards in porn movies. Maybe you’d think that the porn producers would just put some random writing on them. But you’d be wrong. Well, at least you’d be … Continue reading

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Boom, Splash!

Sometimes being a journalist is really, really cool. Like when you get to see and do stuff that other people don’t. Like go onboard a frigate as it’s being chock-tested. The cool thing is that chok-testing a frigate involves sizeable … Continue reading

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