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From the archives: Tim Jackson and Green Growth

Photo by: net_efekt As a journalist you get to have experiences and talk to people, which most people don’t. One such person I was lucky enough to meet recently is the English economist Tim Jackson. Tim Jackson was a special … Continue reading

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You want Religion? Or are you a Superhero? Get a flowchart!

Photo by: James Hupp Flowcharts are often used in programming to visualize stages in a program. Wikipedia has the following explanation of what a flowchart can do: “A flowchart is a type of diagram that represents an algorithm or process, … Continue reading

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How to become an improbable PhD

Photo by: LOLscientist Have you ever had to make an important decision while waiting in line for the toilets? And then wondered if that decision was better or worse than the one you would have made if you were not … Continue reading

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Balancing the difference bewteen cats and dogs

Photo by: SuperFantastic Recently saw a YouTube video that came my way through an Adhesive Mouse (what the hell is that, anyway?). The video shows this guy’s dog balancing stuff on its nose. Not just a biscuit or two, no. … Continue reading

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So sexy it’s funny?

Photo by: mikecogh The Danish underwear company JBS recently released a new add which has generated its fair bit of debate in Denmark. The company, which almost exclusively makes underwear for men, planted a bunch of pretty ladies in next … Continue reading

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Music in my ears: Aphex Twin

Photo by:lenore* Weird. Eerie. Complex, haunting, strangely beautiful and quite possibly mad. Words that could be used to describe both Richard David James and his creations. Apart from the strangely beautiful. That only goes for the music, I’m afraid. Mr. … Continue reading

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When reports become ridiculous

Photo by: cogdogblog I recently did a series of articles on shale gas and the ongoing European debate on the subject. A couple of days after the place I work published the last article, the matter of shale gas became … Continue reading

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