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You might have misheard that lyric before

When I was young, I loved a song by the Danish band, Gnags. Later I found out that the lead singer was…under the influence when writing their lyrics. Well, I hope he was. But even his brain would have flip-flopped, … Continue reading

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Awesome Fred Astaire

Photo by: danceonair1986 Not usually a fan of musicals or dance films. Especially not a fan of dance films. Usually, that is. Becuse it’s really difficult not to like musical dancing like this:

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HTTP what? Get cat!

You know when your computer can’t find stuff? I don’t mean when it can’t find the file you deleted seven months ago, but now really, really need back. No, I’m talking about when it goes looking for something and returns … Continue reading

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Engineered to fail – why Apple is a cheat

Photo by: dullhunk You might think that engineers are paid to make things that are solid and built to last. Like a bridge, for example, or a car. But I’m afraid that isn’t always the truth. Some engineers actually work … Continue reading

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You might have heard this in a bar before

Photo by: Humor Blog Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. This is the mother of all repetitive jokes. The holy grail, if you’re looking to check if you have a funny bone anywhere in your body. If you can make an … Continue reading

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Flash your music

Photo by: Digital Cat Flash mobs – the concept of a bunch of people doing something unexpected at precisely the same time in a public space – have been around for a while. They gained YouTube-fame with the ‘Frozen Central … Continue reading

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