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You might have heard what they call it before

Photo by: benzado What do you call ‘what do you call…’ jokes? Are they really jokes? Or riddles? I guess that question is only really important, if you’re studying semantics or which case the questions like ‘what do you … Continue reading

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Found in 2011: A bunch of annoyingly charming repetitive bastards

Photo by: eastscene Let it be said right away: for a post about a band that I’ve enjoyed finding in the past year, their music is really, really boring. I mean, OK, there isn’t anything particularly wrong with it. Some … Continue reading

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Found in 2011: tUnE yArDs

Photo by: georgia.kral Something sets the music of Tune Yards apart. Apart from the weird spelling. Or maybe the spelling is just it – the perfect paraphrase for the music. See, on one hand it’s perfect straight forward. Tune. Yards. … Continue reading

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Sexual role play – the danger within…erh?

Photo by: Wonderlane This is really about getting things wrong. Getting things wrong in a humming Spice Girls’ ‘Spice Up Your Life’ at a specialist convention for chefs – slash – classical music affectionados. And it’s so much more awkward … Continue reading

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Things that make you go awwww – at pure killers

Photo by: brx0 Yes, yes, otters are cute, do cute human-like things with their hand-like little front paws, have cute little faces they wash in a soooo cute way. Cute – for a bunch of hyper active little homicidal nutters. … Continue reading

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Yes! Get ready for round 2!

Photo by: Dplanet Epic Rap Battles of History (ERBH) is back. And it’s time to get ready for round 2! If you missed them the first time around ERBH (great sound…slightly like a frog in reverse) pits two more or … Continue reading

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Erhm, that’s not the way I remember Pingu…

Photo: willvbcfc Anybody else remember Pingu? The clay penguin with a seal for a friend? Not usually the best company for seal to choose. I mean, playing with your food. But then if you’re made of clay and move in … Continue reading

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