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You might have heard I worked out before

Photo by: kevin dooley There is nothing funny about working out. Except possibly seeing how a joke about working out works out…having set bar appropriately low, let’s get straight on with a couple of really bad/good jokes/puns that have something … Continue reading

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I, geekh. Or: Of course you should build a full-scale Millennium Falcon!

Everybody’s favourite, slightly inaccurate friend, Wikipedia, says that geeks are “odd or non-mainstream people, with different connotations ranging from “a computer expert or enthusiast” to “a person heavily interested in a hobby”, with a general pejorative meaning of “a peculiar … Continue reading

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Bird vs. Dog vs. Dolphin vs. Cat vs. Goat vs. Goat??

Photo by: ynskjen Have you ever wondered what would happen if a cat gor really, really..hhrrmm…annoyed with a dolphin? Well, I got your answer right here, buddy. Yeah, that’s right! No, them not necessarily be fighting words. See, some wonderful … Continue reading

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Stunning animated bacteria

Xvivo is a company, I recently stumbled across, who describes themselves as: “XVIVO’s award-winning animation studio creates compelling visual productions for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies, advertising agencies, educational organizations, museums and broadcast companies.” OK, so they sometimes do … Continue reading

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“Why? Because most bloggers (and me) are slightly messed up lonely people reaching out, and their stats are not just an indication of how many people read their tedious warblings, but an indication of how much the world loves them … Continue reading

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Call that a super power? Or a super hero?

I’ve previously posted about the insane weaknesses writers imposed on certain superheroes once realising that they were simply too strong. A prime example is the Green Lantern, Hall Jordan. See, Hall has a power ring that can create anything the … Continue reading

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Cute Kitten Fruit Ninja

Photo by: ToobyDoo Fruit loop cute for the weekend. Just a little awwwness to get it all going 🙂 So how about otters holding hands? Or a strange kitten that just loooves broccoli? Or how about this cat that seems … Continue reading

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