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No, no, no, no, no – the video

You know that TV commercial where the guy gets it wrong? Ah, you’re not sure which one I’m on about? Well, I can’t blame you. So many commercials seem to feature a man, woman, father, mother, son, daughter or whoever … Continue reading

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Music in my ears: Death Grips

Photo by: Libertinus Judging on the photo above and the name ‘Death Grips’, you probably wouldn’t think we were talking about a rap act, would you? And in some ways we’re not. Death Grips consists of vocalist Stefan “MC Ride” … Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings meets Microsoft Excell

Photo by: Sew Technicolour The elves in the Lord of the Rings books are basically immortal. However, in the books, they tend to drop like flies. Being from Scandinavia, I think that certain parts of the elven chronology reads like … Continue reading

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Slooooow and steady breeds eerie beauty

Sometimes as a kid I’d play around with my parents’ record player. It had a setting for singles (45 rpm) and one for LPs (33 rpm). By switching to the wrong setting you could make a record sound like it … Continue reading

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The supervillains of real living

The worst supervillains don’t reside in the pages of comic books or on the silver screen at cinemas. No, some of the truly nefarious and destructive powers of evil are sitting safely lodged between your ears. You don’t believe me? … Continue reading

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Views of Devon – Wembury Beach

This gallery contains 12 photos.

I recently went to Wembury Beach just outside Plymouth on a beautiful winter’s day. Here are some of the photos from the visit – hope you enjoy them.

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Rome – The tidbits

This gallery contains 44 photos.

Last of the photos from Rome – little snippets of what doesn’t fit any other category – or that I simply forgot to put in 🙂

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