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New favourite delegate found – wants to make sci-fi mandatory in school

Photo by: adactio I can hardly express just how happy I would have been, if Ray Cantebury had around when I was growing up. But then gain I’m glad he wasn’t, because then I might have ended up voting for … Continue reading

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Photos of Devon: Pixieland

when travelling deep into Dartmoor, just after a little dip in the road, you might see a bungalow on your left. Many people will be halfway past it before realising that they’re being watched from the bungalow’s garden. Watched by … Continue reading

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Photos of Devon: The River Dart Valley

This gallery contains 39 photos.

The River Dart runs from deep in Dartmoor to the sea, ending at Darthmouth. Within Dartmoor the river winds its way along the River Dart Valley, through landscape that whispers to you of fairytales. Here are a few pictures from … Continue reading

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Amazon is going to do to enterprise cloud companies exactly what it did to book stores

Amazon is like Pacman – your company is like a little dot that can hear the sound of ‘nom , nom, nom’ from around the corner, getting louder and louder:

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Cat rides hoover, chases duckling, real-life Simpsons and 75 virtual limos

Friday. Work almost over. YouTube! Non-sensical YouTube! Cat dressed as shark rides hoover in low-speed chase of duckling. Dadaists around the world are taking notes: Real life enactment of the intro to The Simpsons. It might be a commercial, but … Continue reading

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Geek gets one over on plumper loving computer thief – turns him into blog!

A street robbery of a computer left has turned the thief into a minor on-line cult celebrity – without the thief knowing anything about it. The story goes as follows: in late 2011, a computer game designer had his MacBook … Continue reading

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Baseball player breaks computer stat systems by running back and forth

Anyone who’s seen Moneyball, or has a passion for baseball, will know that it’s a sport swamped in statistics. Those statistics are used by the various teams in Major League Baseball to figure out exactly how efficient an individual player … Continue reading

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