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Photos of Devon: East Dart River

Following the East Dart River upstream from where it meets the West Dart for an hour or two, and you’ll walk through a part of Dartmoor that really showcases how quickly the landscape changes. You start off walking through lush, … Continue reading

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The wonderful world of English local news headlines

Photo by: Gwydion M. Williams Sometimes English local news just isn’t that exciting….so what do you do, if you’re the journalist or editor assigned to write said news? Well, at times you spice things up a bit, twisting and tweaking … Continue reading

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Nerd nirvana: Grant Morrison explains the entire history of Batman

Three minutes and forty seconds. That’s all it took Grant Morrison to run through the entire history of Batman. It was hardly time enough to wonder at how elegant the summation was. So I listened to it again. And again … Continue reading

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Photos of Devon: Hound Tor and bluebells galore

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Photos from a recent visit to Hound Tor on Dartmoor and some of the bluebells on the slopes around it.

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Just what sort of geek are you?

A rather nice visualisation of the geek family tree (of course, some of us would want a check list where we could tick off about 75 per cent of the categories):

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Sometimes I think I should go back

Photo by: jimg944 I moved to my current home in Albion about a year ago. Before that, I spent a good ten years living in one of the most smug capitals in the entire world. Mind you, we had (and … Continue reading

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HONK, Speedrun, smug Swedes and things you kid won’t recognise

Friday and a little collection of YouTube stuff. First, a short, rather strange animation: And, if you don’t have time to sit down and watch a whole movie, here’s a 60 second version of one of the Alien movies: Want … Continue reading

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