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India accuse Jupiter and Mars of invading its territory

A story that would be a good candidate for the funniest thing to happen for a long time, if it wasn’t for the fact that it involves two countries who both have nuclear weapons. That’s the quick way of summing … Continue reading

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Photos: Playing with power

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My dad’s place is just next to Energymuseet, which translates into the Energy Museeum. They have loads of interesting old stuff. Here are a couple of slightly manipulated pictures from their exhibitions:

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Photos: Goodbye for now to our lake (Tange Sø)

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After a great time at home, it’s back to the second home in the UK after a walk around the lake:

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Photos: Our lake (Tange Sø) at dusk

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Lucky enough to have a father who lives approximately 25 yards from the shore of Tange Sø (Tange Lake) in Jutland, Denmark, gives one ample opportunities to explore it. Here are a few shots from a late summer dusk:

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Photos: Mental patients create ‘crazy’ art

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Museum Ovartaci lies on the outskirts of Århus in Denmark and is the home of art created by the patients suffering from various mental health issues. If regular artists are thought to walk the fine line between brilliance and insanity, … Continue reading

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Photos: a canoe, an hour and our lake – plus ducks

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Visiting home at the moment, and had an hour to go out on the lake that my dad’s house lies down to in a canoe. Can’t be bad 🙂

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Geek girls unite, rap is in the cloud and 5000 ducks go walk-about

A couple of YouTube videos from the last couple of weeks. First, geek girls send a one-two punch to the face of geeky boys, who are definitely guilty of sexism, when it comes to being geeky. ‘Why shouldn’t girls be … Continue reading

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