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Speedrun – the smartest and/or funniest way of completing a game?

Speedruns are a bit like the Olympic 100 m sprint of the geek gaming world. There is an incredible amount of preparation, training, and, at times, science that goes into shaving sometimes seconds of the time it takes to complete … Continue reading

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Property pictures gone wrong – horribly wrong

I was recently alerted about the existence of a Tumblr site called ‘Terrible real estate agent photographs’. The site really does what it says on the tin – it’s a collection of inexplicably horrible photographs taken by real estate agents, … Continue reading

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Photos of Devon: Lydford Gorge

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October is actually a very, very good month to take in the natural beauty of the South West. The weather is still pretty hot and the autumn colours are out in full, and since the tourists have all but disappeared, … Continue reading

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Photos of Devon: Brent Tor and Church of St Michel de Rupe

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Brent Tor is one of the easiest Dartmoor landmarks to spot. That fact is down to the Church of St Michel de Rupe, which sit on top of the tor. The church dates back to the 13th century. Here are … Continue reading

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High Frequency Trading looks like Space Invaders on speed

You might have heard the term High Frequency Trading on the news, you might have read about it in the paper – or perhaps this is the first time you’ve seen these three little words in that particular order. Basically, … Continue reading

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Scotland – so much to love. Including these things

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Ah, Scotland. Nessie, Ben Nevis, bag pipes and so much more. How much more, you ask? Well, good thing someone at Poke posted a list of 25 more reasons made up of mixed pictures from imgur and reddit. The list … Continue reading

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According to this, company logos and country flags are confused

Marketing people know that colours are one of the best ways of conveying emotions. We naturally associate feelings with them. This association varies from culture to culture, but this graph/illustration makes some general observations about what colours mean in the … Continue reading

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