Photos: Barcelona in six mix scenes

Recently returned from a visit to Barcelona. Most people know the feeling of your mind being jumbled and full of impressions, needing to defrag the whole experience before being able to split it into ordered memories. Yeah, that sentence probably shows my current state quite well 🙂

Currently the wonderful experience that was Barcelona is jumbled and mixed much like these rather lovely little tableaus:







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3 Responses to Photos: Barcelona in six mix scenes

  1. Thank you for the pictures. I was there about two months ago on a stag do. And consequently saw nothing of the actual city!

    • wokattack says:

      Yeah, that would put a stopper to seeing to much 🙂 I guess I just really like the vibe of the place – it’s….well, summed up in the laissez faire, gay/jazz-hands I’ve managed to display in the last pic

  2. redstuffdan says:

    Great pictures – bring back happy memories



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