Words, tears, dogs, music, Earth – and 100 hits to the groin

A few oddities, touching moments and forcefully touching moment found over the last couple of weeks.

Weird Al Yankovic found a winning formula by simultaneously releasing an entire album’s worth of new material on a selected series of websites – and then publishing the album. The result has been the harmonica man’s first number one. Ever. Here’s one of the new songs – a word themed version of Robin Thicke’s…ah, you know the song already:

Next up a couple of videos that you will hopefully find touching. First a story of a boy and his dog. Just watch the first three minutes and tell me that you don’t feel like you’re in a room full of people chopping onions:

Secondly, a mini concert with Daniel Lanois and Trixie Whitley:

Next up, a video about our planet:

And finally, to end on a lighter note, a video with waaayyy too much touching of the groin. Heavy handed touching at that:

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