No, Danes don’t mean what you think (hope) they do


Yes, I know. The world would be a better place, if the sign above actually meant what you think it does. The basic concept that there is a middle point of a fart is one that makes me happy. Of course, then we need to figure out whether we’re talking in regards to time, amount of air released or perhaps odour level….and it’s all a mote point, seeing as the sign above actually means ‘middle speed’.

OK, that’s still a weird name for a city, but people living in Great Britain should be very careful of pointing fingers. This is, after all, the home of the village named Beeswing….

That being said, Danes have a range of words that English natives think mean something completely different.

Take ‘knob’ for example – in Denmark that is the speed of a boat and not a….erhmm….

‘Killing’ means kitten. And while we’re on the subject, The Killing TV-series is called ‘Forbrydelsen’ which means The Crime.

Staying with changing stuff, Danes seem to have bastardised the gallant ‘fuck’ into something which is pronounced more like ‘fork’. Fork, on the other hand, is called ‘gaffel’.

If you ever find yourself in Denmark and what to have a bit of fun, wait till the Danes get a bit drunk (they always do), spell a word like Leicester and ask them to pronounce it. Some will get it right, but others will get it oh so wrong in the best way possible.

Plump is another sound that is sort of interesting. In Danish it’s a sound word for something falling into the water, like a rock, for example.

Another word is ‘slik’ which means either candy or lick.

Staying with that, the word ‘kok’ means chef and not…..:-)

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One Response to No, Danes don’t mean what you think (hope) they do

  1. Jakob says:

    Another classic is the writing in old elevators “I fart”, which means “in motion”. Apparently, all elevator signs like that were hidden when the Queen of England visited Denmark in 1960…

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