Barbie, Frozen – and Spiderman?? Welcome to DisneyCarToys

Take mash-up, low, low-budget ‘animation’, someone’s Barbie-dolls, Frozen dolls and a wide assortment of Disney princesses as well as their brother’s Spiderman doll – and a s#4t-load of humor…and you might just end up with something like DisneyCarToys, a YouTube channel that’s turned said combination into a weird, alternative universe. One where Prince Hans works in a pizzaria – in Spiderman’s dreams, that is. In this parallel dimension, he’s actually married to Barbie, who’s passive-agressively decided that they want to start a family…which is complicated by the fact that Ken now works at the hospital’s maternity wards…oh, go see for yourself 🙂

Here are a couple of episodes, including one where Spiderman gives out superpowers to kids at school:

Barbie’s morning sickness:

Finding out that being a mom might not be as easy as she thought:

Effeminate Spiderman gives out superpowers:

Spiderman marries Princess Anna – in his dreams:

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