WTF Japan – Welcome to the world of Mameshiba – beans, hippos and kissing

Mameshiba (豆しば?) is a Japanese merchandise franchise created by copywriter and Korean Japanese national Kim Sukwon. The Mameshiba are different varieties of beans (and other legumes) that have dog-like faces and tell trivia. Their name derives from a series of puns. The Japanese word for “bean” is mame (豆?), a toy version of the Shiba Inu is a mameshiba (豆柴?), and the Japanese word for “trivia” is mamechishiki (豆知識?, literally “beans of knowledge”).

So much for the introduction from Wikipedia.

Mameshiba are a somewhat ‘only in Japan’ idea that has spread far since. When you see them….it’s hard to explain…let’s just let them talk for themselves, shall we? And get ready to know more about hippos and kissing than you did before….

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