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Japanese ball goes on wild Rube Goldberg adventure

A video short that’s all about how even balls have to deal with the realities of the 21st century, including the likes of kidnapping, for some reason. Actually it’s all an excuse to fire up a nice Rube Goldberg contraption … Continue reading

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And third place in the most disturbing Simpsons intro category goes to….

This futuristic take from Don Hertzfeldt:

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Japanese and religion – a very different look at belief?

Some say that to truly understand Asia, you must be able to hold two conflicting ideas in your head at once. This also seems to apply to religion – perhaps especially so in Japan. I could be very mistaken, but … Continue reading

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Pictures from Japan: The Love Hotels

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Japan is home to the famous love hotels, which can be found dotted around various areas of Tokyo, as well as other major cities – and probably also in towns and villages across the country. In a country where it … Continue reading

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Japanese kids – the world’s smallest janitors?

In Japan, schools have a lot less need for janitors than western schools do. A large part of the reason is that Japanese kids from a very young age are tasked with keeping their classrooms clean, as well as partaking … Continue reading

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Say hello to the Japanese version of Jackass

There really are very few things funnier than watching someone get hurt. I know, it makes me a bad person, but I don’t think I’m the only one who finds others’ physical pain amusing. Otherwise a show like Jackass wouldn’t … Continue reading

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With ‘all due respect’ you need a translation guide

Being part British means being both part of and outside of the modus operandi of Brits when it comes to telling you that you’re an idiot. Sure, some will tell you to your face, using that term, but more often … Continue reading

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