Pictures from Japan: The Love Hotels

Japan is home to the famous love hotels, which can be found dotted around various areas of Tokyo, as well as other major cities – and probably also in towns and villages across the country.

In a country where it is still quite common for several generations of a family to live in the same house, and where the walls are generally paper-thin, the option of pursuing amorous endeavours outside the four family walls makes a lot of sense.

At the same time, it’s a smart way for younger couples to find a place for ‘rest’ (you can book a love hotel room for ‘rest’ which means one or two hours or for the whole night) away from the eyes of adults.

That said, this is Japan, so it would be odd if things didn’t get just a little bit weird. And I for one would find it difficult to ‘rest’ in a love hotel room with a Hello Kitty theme, one where the bed seems to be located inside a giant cup of pot noodles…or for that matter in one that I haven’t been able to find pictures of, which has a water slide…but that’s because I’d be on the water slide all the time šŸ™‚

Here is a gallery of pictures from the Japanese love hotels.

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