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Amazon sells sexist Phd costume – gets completely owned by reviewers

Take a good look at the tiny picture above. That is the ‘Delicious PhD Darling Sexy Costume’ available on Amazon…’Sassy graduation gown shows them you’re at the top of your class, or at least on top!’ the producers say, before … Continue reading

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Student presentations in Japan are sometimes a little bit different

you can say a lot of bad things about the ‘ganbatte’ approach to education practised here in Japan, but a by-product is that you sometimes get extraordinary, nigh-on shouldn’t be possible / happen, results. Take Wataru Itou, for example. The … Continue reading

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Samurai versus smart phone – winner: canal, frontal collision, banana, a ninja and a rice field?

Brilliant ad campaign about the dangers of walking and using your smart phone at the same time. The campaign focuses on train stations, but trust me, there is no situation where the Japanese will not use their phones…once saw a … Continue reading

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Perhaps the most Japanese statement ever to come from an athlete?

Meet Naomi Osaka, an 18-year-old tennis player, representing Japan. She just won her first ever match at a Grand Slam tournament, beating Donna Vekic. While it was a great, personal success, it also meant that most dreaded-by-teenagers combination: attention and … Continue reading

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Photos of Japan: Snowy Kyodo at six in the morning in seven photos from a smartphone

This gallery contains 7 photos.

Couldn’t resist going for a (very early) morning walk, as heavy snowfall is a bit of a rarity in Tokyo. Maybe it was the jet-lag, but the streets of Kyodo, where I live, felt a mix of eerily haunted and … Continue reading

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K-Pop goes WWE, Mortal Combat, Full latex + poodle – and a whole lot more

I’ll readily admit that I never foresaw that one of the consequences of a move to the far east would be taking a sudden liking to select K-Pop tunes. But they’re just so bloody catchy and the video are just … Continue reading

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Japanese samurai versus 100 mph baseball – winner: samurai

A bit of juuust ever so impressive swordsmanship from Isao Machii, one of the most well-known modern samurai. Here he draws his sword and splits a 100 mph baseball in one fluid motion.

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