Can we finally get history written in virtual stone?

Anyone who has read 1984 will remember an institution basically functioning as the Ministry of History – tasked with a constant updating of said history to match the desired political reality of the day.

It’s like the pictures of Stalin, where certain people would be airbrushed out, when they were sent to the Gulags for ‘crimes against the state’.

The rewriting of history is not necessarily always a bad thing. I can also represent academic iterative processes of trying to arrive at the closest thing to actual knowledge and understanding of what happened in the days of our forefathers…who, as is the case with us today, were often busy trying to put their own spin on what happened and why.

That might be about to change in the coming years, though.

I’ve previously written about the almost unlimited possibilities of the Blockchain technology, and, according to this very interesting article on Coindesk, one of these possibilities is to ‘solidify’ history.

As the article explains:

“Bitcoin’s distributed trust network can offer immunity from central control of any historical record[…] In a time of seemingly universal deceit, reclaiming our past on the blockchain is quickly becoming a revolutionary act.”

It’s largely based on views expressed by Julian Assange, and it would be hard to fit all of his points into this post, but I can warmly recommend the article to anyone who’s interested in this kind of geeky-tech 🙂

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