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Hand drawn cartoon gets you right in the feels

Proof that hand drawn cartoons are far from dead: Advertisements

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Animals Kevin does moonwalk and Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! Steve! Daytime!

Every Friday should be BBC talking animals Friday 🙂

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Photos of Japan: Robot Restaurant

This gallery contains 24 photos.

Well, my first visit to Robot Restaurant didn’t disappoint. Bonkers Tokyo at about its best. Hard to really explain, so I’ll let the pictures talk for me 🙂

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Can we finally get history written in virtual stone?

Anyone who has read 1984 will remember an institution basically functioning as the Ministry of History – tasked with a constant updating of said history to match the desired political reality of the day. It’s like the pictures of Stalin, … Continue reading

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I do love Japan’s crappiest robots!

HEBOCON! Sounds like something a character from Street Fighter might scream while performing their special move, but it is actually the name of what has to be my favourite Japanese robot competition. The name of the game is to build … Continue reading

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This is why the world must have drones

Simply to take absolutely stunning video, like here. Oh yes, they’re also good for science and stuff, but just look at it: Pipeline Winter 2013 from Eric Sterman on Vimeo.

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Student presentations in Japan are sometimes a little bit different

you can say a lot of bad things about the ‘ganbatte’ approach to education practised here in Japan, but a by-product is that you sometimes get extraordinary, nigh-on shouldn’t be possible / happen, results. Take Wataru Itou, for example. The … Continue reading

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