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From Healing Kisses To Idiot Speak Machine – Ten Years Of Improbable Japanese Research Ranked

Japan reached an improbably milestone at the recent 26th First Annual Ig Nobel Awards, which were handed out by the Improbable Research magazine. It was the tenth year in a row that Japanese scientists could claim a first place prize … Continue reading

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Can we finally get history written in virtual stone?

Anyone who has read 1984 will remember an institution basically functioning as the Ministry of History – tasked with a constant updating of said history to match the desired political reality of the day. It’s like the pictures of Stalin, … Continue reading

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Favourite TED talks #4: Ethan Zuckerman on global voices

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Haunting insight – Japan’s Disposable Workers: Net Cafe Refugees

Japan's Disposal Workers: Net Cafe Refugees from MediaStorm on Vimeo. A truly haunting, bleak, yet beautiful, look at the underside of Japanese work culture and regulations.

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My reaction to the attack in Copenhagen

Waking up in Tokyo to the news that someone fired what is believed to be up to 40 shots into a meeting of innocent people – all in the hope to kill a Swedish cartoonist. The cartoonist was attending a … Continue reading

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How Plymouth looks through a Tokyo translation – the un-redacted version (Including Anne Widdecombe and Crusty the Clown)

I recently wrote a piece about the differences and similarities between my former home town of Plymouth and greater Tokyo, where I live at the moment. You can read it here. As is often the case, I’m not great at … Continue reading

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Japan – where the Earth definitely just moved, it’s nothing to do with your prowess – and might do so for 37 million stoic people soon

You know the feeling of someone gently shaking you, to make you wake up? Being in a minor earthquake is very similar. Except for the fact that someone decided to gently shake your whole room, the house you’re in and … Continue reading

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