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Japanese condom advert features…slightly unusual actors

Japanese condom maker Okamoto have tried something…..let’s call it slightly different, in their latest marketing campaign. Here the joys of safe, enjoyable sex is excellently illustrated by…dinosaurs…two T-Rex dinosaurs, to be precise…not much I can add, except you should take … Continue reading

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Japanese mascots have their very own Grand Prix!

Living in Japan means coming face to face with mascots on a daily basis. Here, they’re by no means the sole property of sports teams. Oh no, here every self-respecting city, government agency, company, organisation – hell, even prison – … Continue reading

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Amazon sells sexist Phd costume – gets completely owned by reviewers

Take a good look at the tiny picture above. That is the ‘Delicious PhD Darling Sexy Costume’ available on Amazon…’Sassy graduation gown shows them you’re at the top of your class, or at least on top!’ the producers say, before … Continue reading

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Samurai versus smart phone – winner: canal, frontal collision, banana, a ninja and a rice field?

Brilliant ad campaign about the dangers of walking and using your smart phone at the same time. The campaign focuses on train stations, but trust me, there is no situation where the Japanese will not use their phones…once saw a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the wonderful WTF??? land of Japanese Georgia Coffee commercials

So, we’re doing adverts for coffee? OK, how about humans as Formula 1 cars and then some sort of reference to Twin Peaks? But be sure to make the Twin Peaks one a bit indecipherable…the original series was a bit … Continue reading

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WTF Japan? Why can’t we make all our dinners like this???

Japanese cooking meets Myth Busters in an instructional video about how to….upgrade…your preparation of battered shrimp…which takes ‘battered’ in a slightly different direction.

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WTF Japan? Commercial number…shallwesay42: Elf likes meatballs on a stick – and cola!

So, here’s Orlando Bloom talking about the finer things of life..which seems to include Japanese meatballs on sticks…and it’s all a commercial for…cola??

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