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Everything in Japan is great! Smile!

Japan is a country of smiles. At least if you look at the comic-inspired figures that pop up everywhere. From tiny princesses saying sorry for any inconvenience caused by ongoing road works to…well little notices about cleaning up after your … Continue reading

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Superlame cat has long paw of the law!

Spending too much time on-line sometimes means that you bump into things like SuperLame – a great little site that lets you add cartoon speech bubbles to your pictures. Of course, this was irresistible for a self-proclaimed geek – and … Continue reading

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So many people – and all at comic cons

Sometimes the use of the word ‘nerd’ is unnecessary, or plain wrong. Like the three comic strips here. Getting onto my high horse of geek here, but the people here are not characters you’ll necessarily bump into at a ‘nerd … Continue reading

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Geeking out on Comics, Totnes and boasting about Batman

I am fortunate enough to know someone who knows someone. OK, that’s probably a bit of a general statement – and not much of a boast, if that was what I was aiming for. Or is that at? Is it … Continue reading

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Deadpool does Robin, Batman does Good Will – It’s Not Porn!

A few random moments of YouTube from the past week. First up, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines has led to a slew of different versions and a whole lot of debate on whether or not it’s outrageously sexist. All that aside, … Continue reading

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How do you spell with Marvel?

There might be some who read the Spirou comic ‘Z as in Zorglub’ when they were kids, before moving on to other comics. In all likelihood, artist Mike Boon was one of them. And he most certainly went on to … Continue reading

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Nerd nirvana: Grant Morrison explains the entire history of Batman

Three minutes and forty seconds. That’s all it took Grant Morrison to run through the entire history of Batman. It was hardly time enough to wonder at how elegant the summation was. So I listened to it again. And again … Continue reading

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