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Speedrun – the smartest and/or funniest way of completing a game?

Speedruns are a bit like the Olympic 100 m sprint of the geek gaming world. There is an incredible amount of preparation, training, and, at times, science that goes into shaving sometimes seconds of the time it takes to complete … Continue reading

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Electronic Arts wins title no-one wants for second year running

The computer games maker Electronic Arts has run rampant through the playoffs and won its second championship in as many years in the ‘Worst Company in America’ competition. Here’s a picture of the playoffs: The prize, which no-one really wants … Continue reading

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Trains, tractors, busses – all simulators with NSFW dub step????

Too weird. To weird not to share, that is. A while back, I found out that the English company Excalibur Publishing had basically taken some of the ideas from Sid Meyer’s classic computer game Sim City and turned them to … Continue reading

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Most difficult athletics game…ever!

Photo by: Poiseon Bild & Text A little treat up to the Olympics. Wether you think you’re a deft hand at guiding a virtual athlete through a steeple chase on x-box, or used to break joysticks winning sprints in Summer … Continue reading

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Virtual cleaning just landed – yesterday

Photo by: Salim Virji A while back, I had an ongoing competition with a group of friends based on the incredibly dull output of games for the Sega machines. The point was to imagine the most bored concept you could … Continue reading

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God of Motorcycle in the Salad Kingdom!

Photos by: hannes.a.schwetz So, you’ve made your computer game (well, maybe you haven’t, but let’s pretend). Now you and the rest of the team behind it have that difficult task of naming the child. And it might not be easy … Continue reading

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WTF? Yr gmz r brken!!!

Photo by: Toasty Ken God bless Japan! Not being one to shy away from spending a few hours in game land once in a while. And every so often, you bump into something so bizarre, and usually from Japan, that … Continue reading

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